Case Study: Travel RN – Allied Health

Oct 13, 2022

Challenges: Late August 2021: GQR Healthcare rose to the occasion at the height of the most competitive market in history. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, staffing shortages have been particularly exacerbated, driving demand for certain disciplines and potentially causing healthcare professionals to change roles or leave their professions entirely. GQR Healthcare partnered with a top healthcare facility to fulfill critical needs during the uncertainty of a new Covid wave.


Hiring Requirements & Challenges:

  • Over 200 staff needed ASAP RRTS, RNS IN IMU, ER, ICU, MEDSURG/TELE
  • This large Healthcare Organization required a partner who could deliver at scale.
  • Handle logistics and bring fully credentialed staff on-site under tight deadlines.
  • Dependable partner for long term, consistent delivery required.


  • 219 staff on site in 13 days
  • A long term high trust partnership
  • Consistent and reliable delivery under pressure
  • Continually improved onboarding process
  • Tight timekeeping and payroll