Friendships in Travel Nursing

Oct 20, 2022


Travel nurses live a unique lifestyle that takes them away from home and familiar surroundings, but the benefit of that lifestyle is that they make new friends  wherever they go. And some of those end up being friends for life. Experts tell us that expanding a friend circle stretches an individual. Moving beyond the styles and perspectives of a limited geographical area helps us question our assumptions, adding new dimensions to our identities, which leads to a richer, deeper life.

When we think of friendship, we usually think of the people in our lives who have seen us through thick and thin. The people who we have grown up with, gone to school, or worked with for years. We think of the people who we expect will always be there for us. The truth is that friends often come and go. We grow up, we change, we get married, have kids and often we make new friends.

Travel Nursing is an excellent career option. There are many pros to the job, such as the ability to travel and work, the job satisfaction of helping those in need, and high-paying roles. However, traveling nursing can also be a stressful profession. According to one study published in Nursing Research and Practice, 92% of nurses have moderate, high, or extremely elevated levels of work-related stress. One of the major ways nurses can cope with this stress is by developing friendships. And that’s exactly what LouNeesha Williams did.

When it comes to friendships in travel nursing, one of GQR’s avid travelers, LouNeesha, can speak on the lifetime of memories she’s created throughout her tenure. One of her fondest memories, was when she decided to ask a few of her fellow nurses if they had ever been to New Orleans, Louisiana. Collectively the group consisting of one Charge RN, 3 LPN’s and 2 CNAs decided that they needed a break and a bonding experience, so they booked their flight and rooms that night. LouNeesha, has taken assignments in over six states in the last three years so it’s safe to say that she is overdue for some downtime.



Favorite part of traveling with friends.

When asked, “What’s your favorite part about traveling with friends?

This is what Williams told us. “We all have so much in common as we have all left our homes and decided to travel for all sorts of reasons. We met on assignment. All strangers with one goal in common. We all have different stories and backgrounds but all love what we do and work hard.

All three women come from different backgrounds and have varying personalities but nurses, well they understand what it means to be a friend. Nurse friendships are special.  They get each other in ways that other people could not understand. From homesickness to heavy workloads and compassion fatigue, nurses share similar experiences, both good and bad.

Having friendships while traveling is vital to your own mental health and overall wellbeing.

As with any career, travel nursing has many pros and cons. Travel nursing is financially rewarding and ensures that you never get bored with your work –Also providing opportunities to make lifelong friendships.

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